lundi, novembre 06, 2006

LASANG PINOY 15 RECYCLED (Sarciadong Isda) Mackerel in black beans

For this 15th edition of LASANG PINOY hosted by Mike Mina of LAFANG i propos this very simple dish.

But first let me share you a little funny Pinoy folklore:
Ang nanay ay nagpabili ng pisong suka at pisong bawang sa kanyang anak.
Nag alala siya na makalimutan ng anak kung ano ang bibilhin.
Ipinaliwanag niya at inabot ang isang piso sa kanang kamay para sa pambili ng suka.
Inabot ang pangalawang piso sa kaliwang kamay para bumili ng bawang.

Habang naglalakad ang anak inilalagay niya sa isip...kanan pisong suka, kaliwa ay pisong bawang...paulit ulit niya itong sinasabi sa isip.
Sa daan hindi niya napansin ang isang bato at siya ay natalisod. Nalaglag ang dalawang pirasong piso sa daan at sumigaw...Patay!!! Alin ang piso para sa bawang at ang piso para sa suka!! (Tawa naman diyan... he he)

I always love crunchy fried fish with tomato-patis sawasawan or when my mother find in the market the sea algue like sago or gulamang dagat made for a salad, mmmm...and of course hot steaming rice. So, sometimes when we get left over fish my mother usually recycles them into Fish sarciado with the black beans

For these here are the ingredients:

I did this dish with fresh mackerel for this post (Fried)

2 medium onions or l big chopped

1 big clove of crushed garlic

2 chopped tomatoes

l can of black beans (ibabad)

1 small hot pepper

black pepper to taste (i do not put salt because of the black beans)


Brown garlic in a 2 tbs of vegetable oil or if available olive oil. Then add chopped onion till transparent, then the tomatoes, let cook mixing regularly to prevent from burning. Add the black beans and put about half a cup of water and let simmer about 15minutes depending on the quantity of liquid you added. Seasoned. Then add the fried fish to heat up slowly.

Serve with hot steaming rice.


7 commentaires:

Colette a dit…

Relly ,cela m'a l'air très bon...bisou et bonne journée.

mike mina a dit…

hi relly, indeed fish is one of those we pinoys love to cook a lot that can be recycled easily. i do love sarciado and it's a favourite! thanks for joining lasang pinoy 15 and hope to see you again in future events! merci! au revoir!

Papilles et Pupilles a dit…

Relly, cela semble délicieux. Je n'ai jamais gôûté de haricots noirs.

iska a dit…

hey it's good to see another LP entry from you relly! welcome back! sarciado is one way to recycle fish. yup... ginagawa din ng mom ko back home when we were kids. gotta do this sometime...

relly a dit…

Cou cou Colette, c'est un façon de recyclé le plat restant soit poisson ou viand mème le poulet.

Papille tu trouveras d'un le magasin asiatique, c'est en form de conserve ou sous vide.

Thanks mike, i will, whenever i got time to do it...

Yes Iska...happy to be able to join this time...i have missed the previous and keep going with your effort...

JMom a dit…

I've never tried sarciado with black beans. That is an interesting change. I bet it is delicious. Thanks for sharing, relly. I think I'll be trying this soon. I love sarciado!

relly a dit…

Hi Jmom, that is how she cooks it...we used the canned "tausi" or the black beans. sometimes she used "taure" or "tahure."
I love choppine the tomatos and onion...usually yan and roll namin sa kitchen.