lundi, février 27, 2006

Off for Paris!

I would like to visit the "Salon D'agriculture in Paris" to see a lot of French regional cuisine. One of the most important food expo in France! Hope i can make it to be there!! And will see if i can bring my sister in law to a Pilipino restaurant in Paris!

vendredi, février 24, 2006

How i garnish the Galette Bretone

En faite j'arriverai à faire la crèpe avec la raclette, il m'a réste è decouvrir la technique de preparation de la bonne pâte!

5. Eh voila! A table! Et... BON APPETIT
4. Last, top with ham and fold the four side of the galette to close. Turn over if you wish to cook more. 3. Then top with tomatoe if you wish.

2. I have shown to my son the first to the last ingredients to put on your crèpe. Here i've already break the egg, i scattered the egg white and let the yolk whole not to overcook so that when you cut the crèpe the yolk run over the crèpe and wont get dry. Then put some grated cheese.

1. Buy the ready made crèpe from your shop. And of course your favorite garnishes. These are the classic "Crèpe Complet" ingredients.
Making our own crèpes is complicated!

jeudi, février 23, 2006

Chocolate self saucing pudding

This Chocolate self saucing pudding i had posted
in my very first blog par yahoo 360° last December 2005. Nope it is not burnt but the dark side was the sauce itself.
As you can see the lovely sauce on the plate, good to serve warm and I prefer it with vanilla ice cream than crème chantilly.

The recipe i refer from my cookbook "Cocinado en Chile". A book publish by expatriate wifes in Chile.

Chocolate Muffins

I have followed the recipes of this chocolate muffins from this book, but instead of chopping the chocolate into pieces, i put the chocolate morsels i have on hand...

mercredi, février 22, 2006

Filet of Mackerel meuniere

When i wanted to do something for my entry to LP#7 i bought three pieces of Mackerel fish. I prepare one piece for a daing, and two fileted for our dinner. I seasoned with salt and pepper and rolled on flour, then fried in heated olive oil. I have learned that fish should be delicately cook as it turns rubbery when overcooked.

Just pour juice of half a lemon and some chopped parsley before serving. Take care not to put too much lemon as it will turn sour. With french style fish dishes i love to eat them sided withround rice boiled in water "Al dente". But here i just boiled a broccoli waiting in my fridge. Quite a light dinner!

mardi, février 21, 2006

LASANG PINOY # 7 ALMUSAL (Sinangag, daing at Pritong talong).

LASANG PINOY 7th edition talks about "ALMUSAL" which is hosted by Chihajo of 80 Breakfast", thanks for passing by my blog. It happens that i come to figure out how to link directly with others blogs page in my entry. "Pero my english is still "barok" ngekkk!!!

"ALMUSAL" in pure tagalog (i think) is "AGAHAN" or literally means earlier. "Mag-agahan ka!" my mother would insist before we go to school. Almusal is also a word derived from the Spanish ALMUERZO signifies breakfast. And in french "PETIT DEJEUNER" or sometimes they would say (P'TIT DEJ' ) find this a cute way of saying it.
(Petit=small + Dejeuner=meal)= Small meal =a small lesson of French....ahaaaah!!

I remember during my younger age, my mother prepared us our breakfast. If plenty of rice left from the last supper, she would do the traditional fried rice. At that time, i hated whenever she puts slice of onion with the fried rice. I just adored it with garlic. But now everytime i cooked i have come to love and enjoy the taste of onions. On the side will be an omellet of onions and tomatoes, or just simply sunny side up. Or it may be fried "tuyo" or daing na Galunggong "GIGI" or "Tunsoy". At the time GIGI is being snob as it was tagged as a poormans fish!
But to be honest, whenever we come home to Pinas i always request them to serve me fried "GIGI". The taste of this unique fish is uncomparable to the most expensive fishes i can get here in France . Even my husband and children have loved its taste when i fried it fresh and crunchy.

For this entry LP#7 i would like to contribute my favorite breakfast.

" Sinangag, daing at pritong talong". yummmmm!

1.What i got in hand is a Mackerel so i split from back to make the daing. Marinated with vinegar, crushed garlic, salt and pepper, let rest overnight.

2.The next day, I fried 3 crushed cloves of garlic with the skin on, i added in this recipe slices of onion and of course the stale rice, grains should be seperated. Tossed them well to dispersed the flavor in each grain of rice..
3.And then just slice diagonally one eggplant and fried in oil or if you do not with it to be oily, i suggest to brush it with oil then grill it.
4. I prepared my dipping sauce with vinegar/fish salt (patis) mixture and i wanted it spicy so i added one small dried chili i got on hand.

Eh, Voila!!! If i dont make your mouth watered, i swear i have enjoyed my breakfast though 11,000 kms. away from home, my mind is completely dreaming about tropical paradise the Philippines! Nakkssss.

And of course I remember my mother used to buy Cafe Barako at the market which is freshly ground but yet we do prefer the instant coffee then at that time, there are only two brands competing, the NESCAFE and BLEND 45. Now i do enjoy the fresh brewed coffee when it is properly prepared.

The Pilipino breakfast "Almusal" may depend on social status. I list down some possible Pilipino breakfast:

==> Pan de Sal (pan=bread, sal=salt) which is an Spanish word. Bread in tagalog is "tinapay".
Comparing to some other culture, bread is eaten only during breakfast or snacks and not with main meal. Spread by choice and availability, but commonly butter or margarine, peanut butter, latik, quesong puti, etc.
==> Loaf bread or Tasty as we call it or the rounded top loaf bread we called Pan Americano are a kind of bread i thought serve by well to do family with ham and egg, fruits and fruit juices or tapas,in the Philippines this is a marinated beef which is unlikely to Spanish Tapas which is variance of foodstuffs or fingerfoods serve with alcoholic drinks or not.
==> Sinangag at Longganisa or Tocino, is also another favorite breakfast combination with rice.
==>For the non-coffee drinker is the Milo or Ovaltine chocolate drinks. Wonder what is the secret of Milo, cannot find the same taste of its granule here in France, whenever i spoon it in my mouth i am getting the crackling effect and the taste. hmmm....
==>Cereals cost a lot, but time to time we tried to take the pleasure of buying, we got only one life, (di natin alam kung mayroon cereal sa heaven..LOL)
==>Champorado or chocolate rice pudding, which we love it with a bizarre combination of tuyo.
==>Lastly so far is the Quacker oatmeal.

So good that Pilipino breakfast or Almusal could varie each day, depends on what is available in your kitchen.

lundi, février 20, 2006

Salade de quatriemme gamme

Une feuille, deux feuilles.....
trois feuilles etc. etc. ...... occasionellement j'achete la salade toute prête, façon à dire. Mais je toujour prend soin de les passer à l'eau. J'ai deteste de voir le morceau de feuille fouri dans mon assiette. Eh oui, eh oui, pas simplement fouri mais sale!!!!!

Joue de Lotte sauce "SARCIADO"

I first rolled the pieces of the fish on flour, of cours salt and pepper seasoning, then fried slightly, do not over cooked as the fish will be rubbery. Saute the garlic, chopped onion and tomatoes, i added a spoonfull of fish sauce, simmer and before serving add the fish and cooked for another 5 minutes. Boiled potatoes complements so well or if desired rice is perfect.

The tradional way of preparing sarciado by chopping onion and tomatoes and crushed garlic, which i found out the similarities of the Rougille de Poisson prepared by a Mauritian friends, though her sauce is spicy hot but it was hmm yummm!

Lotte in english is the Monkfish,they are rarely sold whole because of its ugly appearance.
Joue de la lotte means "cheek of the monkfish" and most often we bought them here in France the "queue de lotte" or litterally means monkfish tail, but actually it is the of body of the fish.

dimanche, février 19, 2006

Multi desserts

Cafe expresso at Buffalo grill!

Been back

After a long tiring journey, having passed at least ten line up airport control! Ughhh too bad for the last controller, i already lose my control he he he!
Actually i had to take three planes and a one hour and half drive to final destiny which is my home! Too much confusing to where and which culture to be with. No, not really the culture that bothers, but having a family of my own.
It was not a travel for fun, but unfortunally the least we expect when we lose someone dear to us! I actually been back from the Philippines to attend a sad event there. I am hoping to have more time to post here as April fast approaching and have to spend more time on preparation for my work soon. Thanks to some visitors.. and i am still hoping to be able to join the lasang pinoy event. I wish to be able to contribute more for the promotions of the pinoy culture on foods and other! More power to lasang pinoy!

jeudi, février 02, 2006

Upside down apple pancake

I don't usually follow the exact time and temperature that is given from the book, all depending on what kind of oven you are using, how much is medium or low or high from you stoves fire! Look at the color of my galette, as i followed the time given from the recipe, the sugar did'nt caramelized properly.
As you can see the difference of the color of the galette from the books picture compared to what i have made.

Delicately pour the prepared batter,( 2 eggs yolk, 50 grs of flour mix with 1 tbsp. baking powder and 50 grs. sugar.
Beat the egg white till fluffy, and pour into yolk mixture).

First thing to do, is to melt 60 grs. butter in a large pan, add 100 grs. of sugar and cinammon mixture till a bit caramelize, then dispose the slice apple. Cook for about 10 min. on slow fire. (This is a two way process of cooking).

Got an easy recipe just to get rid of the apple standing in the fruit bowl. Recipe's from this Reader's Digest selection translated in French.