dimanche, février 19, 2006

Been back

After a long tiring journey, having passed at least ten line up airport control! Ughhh too bad for the last controller, i already lose my control he he he!
Actually i had to take three planes and a one hour and half drive to final destiny which is my home! Too much confusing to where and which culture to be with. No, not really the culture that bothers, but having a family of my own.
It was not a travel for fun, but unfortunally the least we expect when we lose someone dear to us! I actually been back from the Philippines to attend a sad event there. I am hoping to have more time to post here as April fast approaching and have to spend more time on preparation for my work soon. Thanks to some visitors.. and i am still hoping to be able to join the lasang pinoy event. I wish to be able to contribute more for the promotions of the pinoy culture on foods and other! More power to lasang pinoy!

4 commentaires:

Sassy Lawyer a dit…

Oh, you were actually here? Sad event must be that someone passed away. My sympathies, Relly.

sha a dit…

sorry relly
and welcome back as well

bon dimanche

joey a dit…

Very sorry to hear of the sad event. I am glad to discover your blog though (through Sha's)...I especially like you posts on the Upside down apple pancake and the Mango Tarte Tatin :) Yummy!

I am hosting the Lasang Pinoy for this month and I do hope you can join :)

relly a dit…

Sassy, sha thanks.. i visited your blog
joey.. thanks, i will join the LP 7..breakfast is the most important part of my day too.