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LASANG PINOY # 7 ALMUSAL (Sinangag, daing at Pritong talong).

LASANG PINOY 7th edition talks about "ALMUSAL" which is hosted by Chihajo of 80 Breakfast", thanks for passing by my blog. It happens that i come to figure out how to link directly with others blogs page in my entry. "Pero my english is still "barok" ngekkk!!!

"ALMUSAL" in pure tagalog (i think) is "AGAHAN" or literally means earlier. "Mag-agahan ka!" my mother would insist before we go to school. Almusal is also a word derived from the Spanish ALMUERZO signifies breakfast. And in french "PETIT DEJEUNER" or sometimes they would say (P'TIT DEJ' ) find this a cute way of saying it.
(Petit=small + Dejeuner=meal)= Small meal =a small lesson of French....ahaaaah!!

I remember during my younger age, my mother prepared us our breakfast. If plenty of rice left from the last supper, she would do the traditional fried rice. At that time, i hated whenever she puts slice of onion with the fried rice. I just adored it with garlic. But now everytime i cooked i have come to love and enjoy the taste of onions. On the side will be an omellet of onions and tomatoes, or just simply sunny side up. Or it may be fried "tuyo" or daing na Galunggong "GIGI" or "Tunsoy". At the time GIGI is being snob as it was tagged as a poormans fish!
But to be honest, whenever we come home to Pinas i always request them to serve me fried "GIGI". The taste of this unique fish is uncomparable to the most expensive fishes i can get here in France . Even my husband and children have loved its taste when i fried it fresh and crunchy.

For this entry LP#7 i would like to contribute my favorite breakfast.

" Sinangag, daing at pritong talong". yummmmm!

1.What i got in hand is a Mackerel so i split from back to make the daing. Marinated with vinegar, crushed garlic, salt and pepper, let rest overnight.

2.The next day, I fried 3 crushed cloves of garlic with the skin on, i added in this recipe slices of onion and of course the stale rice, grains should be seperated. Tossed them well to dispersed the flavor in each grain of rice..
3.And then just slice diagonally one eggplant and fried in oil or if you do not with it to be oily, i suggest to brush it with oil then grill it.
4. I prepared my dipping sauce with vinegar/fish salt (patis) mixture and i wanted it spicy so i added one small dried chili i got on hand.

Eh, Voila!!! If i dont make your mouth watered, i swear i have enjoyed my breakfast though 11,000 kms. away from home, my mind is completely dreaming about tropical paradise the Philippines! Nakkssss.

And of course I remember my mother used to buy Cafe Barako at the market which is freshly ground but yet we do prefer the instant coffee then at that time, there are only two brands competing, the NESCAFE and BLEND 45. Now i do enjoy the fresh brewed coffee when it is properly prepared.

The Pilipino breakfast "Almusal" may depend on social status. I list down some possible Pilipino breakfast:

==> Pan de Sal (pan=bread, sal=salt) which is an Spanish word. Bread in tagalog is "tinapay".
Comparing to some other culture, bread is eaten only during breakfast or snacks and not with main meal. Spread by choice and availability, but commonly butter or margarine, peanut butter, latik, quesong puti, etc.
==> Loaf bread or Tasty as we call it or the rounded top loaf bread we called Pan Americano are a kind of bread i thought serve by well to do family with ham and egg, fruits and fruit juices or tapas,in the Philippines this is a marinated beef which is unlikely to Spanish Tapas which is variance of foodstuffs or fingerfoods serve with alcoholic drinks or not.
==> Sinangag at Longganisa or Tocino, is also another favorite breakfast combination with rice.
==>For the non-coffee drinker is the Milo or Ovaltine chocolate drinks. Wonder what is the secret of Milo, cannot find the same taste of its granule here in France, whenever i spoon it in my mouth i am getting the crackling effect and the taste. hmmm....
==>Cereals cost a lot, but time to time we tried to take the pleasure of buying, we got only one life, (di natin alam kung mayroon cereal sa heaven..LOL)
==>Champorado or chocolate rice pudding, which we love it with a bizarre combination of tuyo.
==>Lastly so far is the Quacker oatmeal.

So good that Pilipino breakfast or Almusal could varie each day, depends on what is available in your kitchen.

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sha a dit…

Bonsoir Relly
nakalimutan ko na ang tasty merci for reminding ha.

mon cherie pag aa bot ako sa Britanny svp itong daing na to pakiluto lang.

I never made my own daing before.

Bon Appetit!tres c'bon

joey a dit…

I have never made my own daing before either! You have covered a lot here :) And it looks like my brother isn't the only one "eating" his milo! :)

Thanks for joining Lasang Pinoy 7!

relly a dit…

sha, i think i just can say i am lucky to have been exposed to some practical experience from my mother and especially my father who happens to prepare our meal,and of course my love of cooking is my theraphy from "homesick",first to singing with karaoke because "hubby will cry awooooooooo" when he hears me sing!LOL sha i think "burgis" ka eh! In french "Bourgeoise" he he!

Joey, thanks i hope i did'nt overdo it, just this fun memory, i ate the Milo but hiding from my mother because it is "prohibited na papakin" that way! "Shutttt.. between you and me and your brother!

mg a dit…


Wow, you can make your own daing! Sarap talaga ng breakfast mo. Maybe i would try this in summer when i go fishing for mackerel, huh? I'm dribbling over your photo.

Guess what? I eat Milo by the spoon too! I do like the crunch and the beautiful malted chocolate taste.

relly a dit…

hello mae, thanks for passing, yes i love the taste of milo and never find the same taste here..

ces a dit…

hi relly!
it's been awhile since, huh! and home-made daing! great! with fried talong! sarap! i dip it with bagoong and kalamansi otherwise..toyo and kalamansi..*drooling*