lundi, février 20, 2006

Joue de Lotte sauce "SARCIADO"

I first rolled the pieces of the fish on flour, of cours salt and pepper seasoning, then fried slightly, do not over cooked as the fish will be rubbery. Saute the garlic, chopped onion and tomatoes, i added a spoonfull of fish sauce, simmer and before serving add the fish and cooked for another 5 minutes. Boiled potatoes complements so well or if desired rice is perfect.

The tradional way of preparing sarciado by chopping onion and tomatoes and crushed garlic, which i found out the similarities of the Rougille de Poisson prepared by a Mauritian friends, though her sauce is spicy hot but it was hmm yummm!

Lotte in english is the Monkfish,they are rarely sold whole because of its ugly appearance.
Joue de la lotte means "cheek of the monkfish" and most often we bought them here in France the "queue de lotte" or litterally means monkfish tail, but actually it is the of body of the fish.

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J a dit…

hi relly, i love monkfish and this looks like a beautiful recipe - elegant, delicious and unique. thanks so much for the inspiration!

relly a dit…

Hi j, any recipe you can share on monfish.. they are very good tasting fish if properly cooked.. thanks for the visit.