jeudi, février 02, 2006

Upside down apple pancake

I don't usually follow the exact time and temperature that is given from the book, all depending on what kind of oven you are using, how much is medium or low or high from you stoves fire! Look at the color of my galette, as i followed the time given from the recipe, the sugar did'nt caramelized properly.
As you can see the difference of the color of the galette from the books picture compared to what i have made.

Delicately pour the prepared batter,( 2 eggs yolk, 50 grs of flour mix with 1 tbsp. baking powder and 50 grs. sugar.
Beat the egg white till fluffy, and pour into yolk mixture).

First thing to do, is to melt 60 grs. butter in a large pan, add 100 grs. of sugar and cinammon mixture till a bit caramelize, then dispose the slice apple. Cook for about 10 min. on slow fire. (This is a two way process of cooking).

Got an easy recipe just to get rid of the apple standing in the fruit bowl. Recipe's from this Reader's Digest selection translated in French.

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sha a dit…

relly bon voyage...
i love apple tatin
any caramel for me pls
but dont forget the creme fraiche

relly a dit…

Sha, this is not apple tatin.. the base is like a pancake and not pastry! Thanks. I rarely used creme fraiche in my cooking. Too good to resist, so better to get rid of it LOL!

brigitte a dit…

this desert suits me, muchas gracias.
avec les mangues ça doit marcher aussi non ???

katimugambalon a dit…

la recette semble délicieuse!!

par ailleurs, comprenez-vous la langue philippine? tagalog? sinugbuanon?

relly a dit…

bonjour bridgitte, en ce ;o;ent je suis au Philippine, merci de ta visite, avec les mangue, peut a mon retour

Kati, i speak tagalog too thanks for the visit

J a dit…

hi relly, this looks totally scrumptious. thanks so much for sharing...