vendredi, février 24, 2006

How i garnish the Galette Bretone

En faite j'arriverai à faire la crèpe avec la raclette, il m'a réste è decouvrir la technique de preparation de la bonne pâte!

5. Eh voila! A table! Et... BON APPETIT
4. Last, top with ham and fold the four side of the galette to close. Turn over if you wish to cook more. 3. Then top with tomatoe if you wish.

2. I have shown to my son the first to the last ingredients to put on your crèpe. Here i've already break the egg, i scattered the egg white and let the yolk whole not to overcook so that when you cut the crèpe the yolk run over the crèpe and wont get dry. Then put some grated cheese.

1. Buy the ready made crèpe from your shop. And of course your favorite garnishes. These are the classic "Crèpe Complet" ingredients.
Making our own crèpes is complicated!

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ces a dit…

aww! i love crepe! all kinds!

relly a dit…

HI CES, thanks sa visit... do you know this savory crèpe.. which a speciality of Brittany,the west of france?