mardi, janvier 31, 2006

Beef Menudo (Mijoté de boeuf) (PHILIPPINE)

Daraaaaaannn! Le resultat.... à table!!
Je coupe les tomate dans la regle de l'art. Je suis ambidex, alor, j'ai tien le couteaux avec ma main gauche, mais le crayon avec ma main droit. Mais quand je suis sur mon blog, je tappe le clavier avec les deux main! he he he he. c'est bette! Ayyy!!

Eh oui, tous sont coupés à la main. J'adore cette partie de la cuisine quand on alligné tous les ingredient après la ceremonie de découpage. Devant les tomate épipegné (pas sure d'ortographe) et coupé presque hachi,l'ail, grain d'annatto (je vais chercher l'explication plus tard, "je suis peignante" la viande coupée en petit morceau,oignon et chapelure. Et j'ai oublié des pois chiche qui n'ont pas sur le photo. Behh c'est comme ça, c'est l'age.. on perd la memoire!

lundi, janvier 30, 2006

Quiche de Choux Chinois - Chinese cabbage

Bon j'ai voulu téster avant que ce soit mon mari me dise "c'est n'est pas bon"! Phewww!
Bon, au debut il cherchait le gôut car il n'a pas encore trouvé le morceux de poitrine ou bacon que j'ai melangé, c'est ça qui donne le gôut. L'harmonie de saveur melange bien car le choux a le gôut fade et le bacon avec son gout salé.
La resultat est plutôt pas mal!
Donc, j'ai essayée de faire le Quiche en utilisant le parti blanc de cet legumes.

Choux Chinois
Cet legumes inconnu par la majorité des français est en legume dans le même famile de blètte ou(quelquefois j'ai les vois dans certaine recette écrit bètte). J'arive pas encore faire le lien.. he he je vous laissez le travaille de recherche!

dimanche, janvier 29, 2006

Stewed Rabbit and OKOY for LP #6

My first month of creating this blog have been going on and on and much more interesting. Sha of Wanderlust has been a hospitable blogger and introduces me to the LASANG PINOY #6 on "PULUTAN" which host by TING from World Class Cuisine whom i never encoutered yet here in Blog. Not really sure of my capability, but then i think i should give a try. I have a minimum knowledge of HTML or whatever computer language, should i say the fifth language i must tuckle. But i warned you that my weakest point is the language.I said 5 but nothing is fluent. Again, Sha given me the guts to understand and to manage modification on my blog pages. Well, I should go on with my cooking talent head up as i just come to find my identity on cooking. Like so many other co pinay far away from PILIPINAS , we are deprived of filipino ingredients. We have to get used to manipulate anything on hands.

So, here i want to share an idea of a dish which is out from extraordinary that we used for the PULUTAN!

Stew of Rabbit
1 whole Rabbit cut in pieces
3 mediul size carrot cut in diagonal 3cms
6 Potatoes cut in four pcs. (in photo shows whole, i have serve that as a meal for my family)
1 whole onion pelled
1 cloves garlic peeled
1 bouquet garni (Thyme, laurel, parsley)
1 Tbsp. Flour
50 grms butter or 2Tbsp. Olive oil

Heat oil or butter in heavy casserole. Brown rabbit meat about 5 min both sides on medium heat. Sprinkle the flour mix to prevent flour from burning. Add cut the, garlic, bouuet garni and the carrots. Sauté for 2 minutes while turning. Then add about half a cup of water or you wish half a cup of white wine. If you add the wine let rich to boil then add 1/4 cup of water.

Bring to boil and lower the fire. Simmer for a minimum of 30 minutes depending on the texture of meat of your rabbit. If you would like it spicy, then put a piece or two "siling labuyo."

Okoy (Shrimps and Bean Sprouts Fritters)

INGREDIENTS: (For 5 Persons)
1 kg. Fresh Shrimps
250 grs. Tempura flour
300 grs. Bean Sprouts (Toge)
Seasoned to taste

Take off shell and heads of the Shrimps. Keep about 20 pcs whole for toppings and chopped the rest about 1cm. of size.
Add water to tempura flour to obtain a thick batter not fluid. Mix chopped shrimps.

Divide bean sprouts in individual bowls to facilitate cooking. Fill in with the batter while you heat the oil in pan. Then pour the sprouts and batter mixture into the hot oil on medium fire to prevent from burning.


1 Tbs. Soy sauce
3 Tbs. Vinegar
1 Tbs. Water
salt and pepper to taste
Chili pepper if desired
1 clove of garlic (crushed)

Mix all ingredients.

PULUTAN comes from the root tagalog word of PULOT. That is all i know intellectually wise.. Aray! PULUTAN is HOW we called the dishes presented as finger foods that accompanies the drinking group especially by pinoy "filipino men". A dish of dilis "dried anchovy", a cup of garlic peanuts, a plate of menudong baboy or okoy! Usually a dish out of dog's meat stewed in a spicy sauce is mostly "The center of the Table", but i never taste it personally. The only thing new i found out during my last visit to the Philippines in 2004 is how the youngster call the Bar Hopping = "GIMMICKS".

Here in France, people get shock to learn about dog eating human, in China it is a normal dish but not in the Philippines. In comparison to French none dog eating culture, pinoy's don't eat "Rabbit". Good thing, i don't have a dog to make pulutan here, and i think will never ever do that in my whole life! So i thought to present this dish for a pulutan, the "RAGOUT DE LAPIN" which is a Casserole of Rabbit. Not that i despy our culture of origin but to share this which is jst my second culture. We can find filipinos in a every corner of the world and i know a lot of those who stay for good in the Philippines have been sharing what they have experienced.

At the beggining i could hardly eat this meat, as we are not used to it. There was one time, our get together with pinay friends here, we have tried to force one friend just to put a piece of rabbit's meat into her mouth. The first time i enjoyed eating rabbit is the dish called "CIVET DE LAPIN" which is Rabbit Stewed in Red Wine. I wonder how many of you have had Rabbit in her or his plate? Well, if it is properly cooked and prepared i guarantee that this can be enjoyed for a PULUTAN. The taste is similar to chicken but the later is milder.

jeudi, janvier 26, 2006

Tarte Tatin au Mangue!

J'ai desirée toute simplement de partager cette recette en remplacent la pommes avec de la mangue. Si par hazard vous passez sur mon blog et desirez de savoir comment j'ai les confectionée, laissez moi en message. Si votre caramel est trop sec, essayez de arroser d'un peu de jus d'ananans! Dans cette recette j'ai utilisée trois mangues.

I would like to share this dessert out of a famous french recipes. According to what i have read, just don't remember the name of the book. The story is aboutMademoiselle Tatin made mistakes about her tarte making. Instead of putting the pastry base in the pan, she disposed of the apple and other ingredients then cover the pan with the pastry. Realizing her mistakes, it was too late to make another dessert so she just decided to invert the tart on a plate. This tarte is good serve warm, not too hot and i prefer it with a scoop of ice cream. If any one pass by and interested of this dessert just let me know. (I don't actually follow cookbooks. I mean some of my prepared dishes.

lundi, janvier 23, 2006

Gratin d'endive au Jambon

J'avais demandée à mon mari de me cherchent 8 jambons, mais il était rentré avec 4 tranches, grrrrrr..comme dab, il ne me pas écouter. Bon ! Solution, j'ai les coupée le jambon par deux et disposer gentiment autour des endive que j'avais précuit. Bah ! C’est ne pas plus mal, économique en plus

samedi, janvier 21, 2006


With this kind of dish i prefer the round rice boiled in water, not the basmati or thai rice. And i cooked them seperately.

vendredi, janvier 20, 2006

Raie au beurre blanc

Cooking is an art. Like painting, recipes are only references and each culinary artist has their own technique. Gourmet cooking is another thing!
I've seen a lot of food show. Whether Jaime Olivier, Giada di Laurentis, or Carinne Tayssandier or Nigella Lawson and many others. They all have their cooking techniques. My favorite pastry host is Frederic Baud, but i don't see him in Cuisine TV anymore. On family cooking are Eric Leutey and Karen. I enjoy watching Kylie Wong, she is nice and authentique in her show. And of course,of course not to forget Ainsley, i love his "Ready steady cook" the show is so cool!Much more better than the French show. Just don't like Anne Depetrini's way of hosting the show.

This dish i prepared a month ago for our dinner, and it was the first time i had made the sauce au beurre blanc. My son took this photo, too bad he did'nt put enough sauce for a prettier image. I have learned the french basic familiar cooking from my mother in law. She is so sweet, ma petite belle mére (j'ai t'adore).

jeudi, janvier 19, 2006

Mushroom omellette

This lovely dish is a combination of mushroom omellette and pinch of parsley, freezy lettuce salad with vinaigrette flavored with chopped garlic, fried Haloumi cheese and cherry tomatoes fried with Olive oil and balsamic vinegar. All the ingredients have given us a very pleasant combination of taste in our palate!

I have gone to the shop, what i need is a red pepper to complete my menudo recipe. But i got back home with these 14 euros shopping!
Darn, really can't keep my self from spending more than planned. LOL, they're not a waste in any way that it will go into our stomach.

mardi, janvier 17, 2006


Eh voila, the results after i pre fried them. I think i've done it very well. He he not only looking good but i assure you they taste soooooo good, with a piece of fresh lettuce and mint leaves. Yummmm!
About a spoonful on the rice paper wrap.
This is how it looks during the wrapping of the nem.

vendredi, janvier 13, 2006

Empanada Chilenos

A chilian recipe of empanada. The pastry was a ready rolled and i have just cutted into four pieces and assemble as it is. Just feeling lazy to make round shape. The final results is "masarap" "c'est bon" delicious.

jeudi, janvier 12, 2006

First Creation

This is the first creation of the two young cook trainees at the company where i had my OJT.
It was our last day of training. Hmmm not bad for the first timer. I think they are the future french grand chef! (he he he)
In line clock-wise, from front..fried zuchini,timbale of couscous and vege's, stuffed salmon with sauce amoricain and last was rounded caramelized "navet" I promised the taste is divine.
C'est très sympha!

vendredi, janvier 06, 2006

Bienvenue Chez Moi!

Un Meilleur Voeux 2006.....avant commence cet aventure franco pinay (une place à partager la vie d'une gourmande pinay perdue dans la beauté de nature!