vendredi, janvier 20, 2006

Raie au beurre blanc

Cooking is an art. Like painting, recipes are only references and each culinary artist has their own technique. Gourmet cooking is another thing!
I've seen a lot of food show. Whether Jaime Olivier, Giada di Laurentis, or Carinne Tayssandier or Nigella Lawson and many others. They all have their cooking techniques. My favorite pastry host is Frederic Baud, but i don't see him in Cuisine TV anymore. On family cooking are Eric Leutey and Karen. I enjoy watching Kylie Wong, she is nice and authentique in her show. And of course,of course not to forget Ainsley, i love his "Ready steady cook" the show is so cool!Much more better than the French show. Just don't like Anne Depetrini's way of hosting the show.

This dish i prepared a month ago for our dinner, and it was the first time i had made the sauce au beurre blanc. My son took this photo, too bad he did'nt put enough sauce for a prettier image. I have learned the french basic familiar cooking from my mother in law. She is so sweet, ma petite belle mére (j'ai t'adore).

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schatzli a dit…

bonsoir relly
thanks for passing my blog

as for risotto of course u can have variety not just the common milanese with saffron.

i love it with cep
i love it chanterelle
with asparagus...

it should not be dry... the creamier the better just about
the kind of rice do not become soggy fast enough...


cant find this one in Greece, this s much more an Atlantic fish.

in UK I can this easily.
think you are the only Pinay food blogger in France.. dag dag ka sa group ng Pinoy food bloggers

there is a monthly event
this month is PULUTAN and you must submit by end of the month

let me know if u want to know more ok

or email me svp



relly a dit…

Hi Sha, great pleasure to have you,"Buena Mano ka" LOL. I am flattered with your visit here. I started a month ago figuring out how blogging goes. I think it is fun.

schatzli a dit…
yan ang email ko
i got to send u links of other pinoy food bloggers makasali ka sa mga sharing ng ideas

lalo ng LASANG PINOY...
punta muna ako marche

drstel a dit…

hi relly! i found you thru sha.
i've tried to make skate twice before and i've not been too successful.
this looks delicious...

relly a dit…

Hello, thanks for your visit. I've visited your site several times. Thru sha and sassy.
What kind of recipe you have used. This one is pouched on "Court bouillon" and i made the "Sauce au beurre blanc".I am kind of lazy to put recipes, only if some bloggers got interest. Beurre blanc is a butter, shallots and white wine base. I made my court bouillon with bouquet garni,carrot, onion,garlic etc.
Will post recipe if you like.