jeudi, janvier 19, 2006

Mushroom omellette

This lovely dish is a combination of mushroom omellette and pinch of parsley, freezy lettuce salad with vinaigrette flavored with chopped garlic, fried Haloumi cheese and cherry tomatoes fried with Olive oil and balsamic vinegar. All the ingredients have given us a very pleasant combination of taste in our palate!

I have gone to the shop, what i need is a red pepper to complete my menudo recipe. But i got back home with these 14 euros shopping!
Darn, really can't keep my self from spending more than planned. LOL, they're not a waste in any way that it will go into our stomach.

2 commentaires:

MelaCane a dit…

i love omelletes!
looks good

relly a dit…

yes, and a bit of creativity we can make omelette star of the show!