lundi, février 27, 2006

Off for Paris!

I would like to visit the "Salon D'agriculture in Paris" to see a lot of French regional cuisine. One of the most important food expo in France! Hope i can make it to be there!! And will see if i can bring my sister in law to a Pilipino restaurant in Paris!

5 commentaires:

sha a dit…

pwede sasama...?

MelaCane a dit…

ako din sama

Cyndi a dit…

Hello Relly! :)
I just saw your comment now, and I`ll probably start my blog at April, after my exams! :(

relly a dit…

Sha and Cane, handa ng maleta, it was nice time to time, the Paris escapade.Hubby's allergic to it.
We were'nt able to make to the Expo too much people, but i was able to buy some Pinoy food stuff at the PINOY STORE.

Hi Cyndi, Bon chance pour ton examin. Thnaks for passing by!

Sassy Lawyer a dit…

IS there still a Pinoy resto in Paris? Heard that Chez Genia had closed shop.