lundi, janvier 29, 2007

BPAW #2 Happy Valentine

Since i started my food blog, i wanted to try to join in the event Worldwide Postcard exchange. Maybe even for once, because to meet virtual friends is fun and lots of surprise, and i really have to feel the experienced about it!
Blogger Postcard Around the World#2 Happy Valentine which is hosted by Meeta from What's for lunch honey?

As a tradition in the Philippines Valentines day is also a time to let our friends and family know about our love and share our feeling and attention to them!

Okey, i am not really sure if i am doing the right things, at this time it is hard to find Valentines card so i have handmade it and just include a little gift and local postcard.
I can't wait to know my sender and excited too! I just hope that the destinee of this card will like it!
Well the packet is already in the post waiting to be delivered to...!

I'll take the opportunity to thanks Meetas for organizing this event.

5 commentaires:

leonine19 a dit…

personnally i like your card & hope i'll be the one to receive it, lol.

Anne a dit…

Your handmade card is very nice. Don't worry, these kind of presents are very funny and seem to be full of love !!!

Happy valentine!

Meeta a dit…

Perfect! Nicely created Realina.

ilva a dit…

Thanks a lot Relly, your parcel made me so happy and the card is beautiful!

relly a dit…

Thanks everyone for the comments, it was fun and exciting, though my first time to share such experience!
I am glad Ilva that you like them, i have tried to find ready made cards but i found nothing in any shop here in my place so i got on hand some the of materials that symbolise Valentines so i go for handmade card not to miss the deadline!