vendredi, avril 28, 2006

LASANG PINOY 9 (Arroz Caldo)

Arroz Caldo con Goto

As a saling pusa to LP9 Lamang
hosted by Pabulum which i congratulate for the nice roundup and sorry because i did'nt follow the deadline date, i thought it will be the last day of each month.

But still it inspires me to try another experiment making my "Arroz caldo" using a French Tripe or intestine sausage" called Andouillette.

Usually pan fried or grilled, but my version is a replacement for goto ingredient to make this "Arrroz Caldo". Like Sha i usually made "dinuguan" using the blood sausage that i learned from Filipina friend name Francesca that i met in Chili, but she has passed away after her serious sickness. I wanted to make the dinuguan using this "Morzilla" as Francesca told me.. because i want to offer hommage to her. She is a teacher at international school in Chili.. and i like her authentique personality.
So here is my lugaw ingredients instead:

1 piece of andouillette (French tripe or intestine sausage)sliced thinly

1 onions (chopped)

1 large piece of garlic (chopped)
3cms. ginger (sliced 1cm. matchstick)

1 cup of rice (i have used the japanese rice here) (washed)

1 teaspoon of kasubha (optional)

Saute garlic, onions and ginger.. then add the slice "andouilletteé till brown. Add the washed rice.

Seasoned with salt and pepper. Adjust seasoning to taste. I added a half bouillon cube to 2 liters of water which to be added into saute ingredients. Let boil till rice comes mashy! (As i prefer)!

Serve it with chopped green onions.. i instead chopped chives but did not have taken pictures. It taste good.. but honestly to tell you, it still gets the strong odor of the saussage.

NOTE: See that i took a little effort on posting this recipes ... he he he.

4 commentaires:

Theoretical Cook a dit…

Hi Relly! This is such a creative way of cooking arroz caldo. I also cooked arroz caldo over the Holy Week - with chicken and green onions - but things got in the way of blogging...

mae a dit…

Hi Relly,

How are you? It's nearly summer! Your arroz caldo looks really good. One question, is kasubha the same as saffron? I can only get saffron here. They look the same though...

Thanks for visiting my new site. Am so excited about it.

relly a dit…

hello mae,
here you are welcome back, i got kasubha from the Philippines, but i have used kasubha as usual to our arroz caldo.
Saffron is actually an expensive condiments... that we get in the South of France or Spain...
You can use it as well then you call it "ROYAL AROOZ CALDO" ha ha ha... because of the price of saffron.
I had made pilaff using kasubha instead. Happy to see again.

c a dit…

hi relly!
as they say, it's better late than never!;) i still plan to post an entry even if it's way beyond the due date..hehe...anyway, sarap nmang arroz caldo nyan!