mercredi, février 07, 2007

Ma carte est arrivée de Autriche (BPW#2) I got it!!

The events that was hosted by Meeta from What's for lunch honey for the BPW#2 this time's theme was a Valentines thought! My correspondence comes from a neighboring country Vienna, Austria posted by Astrid. The card is so nice with the cute little teddy hiding behind a very huge red red heart. So cute! Thank you Astrid from a blog Paulchen's Food Blog for the Muffins recipes that is precious for you and your darling ...i'll try it today and post the results and tell you if my darling will enjoy too. Lol!

Thanks you Meeta for this smooth organisation of the event! I enjoyed it so far great to be a part of it!

And thank you Ilva of Lucullian Delights for appreciating my card too!

4 commentaires:

Rosa's Yummy Yums a dit…

Cute card!

brigitteguyane a dit…

lucky girl ! did i miss something ??

relly a dit…

Thanks rosa, i just tried this time... i never did before, it was fun...

Lady brigitte, you miss nothing. These is the first time i tried to join the letter exchange, or postcard, it was fun...we have to that with other expat maybe!

astrid a dit…

I am so glad you like it!
It was my first time too and I was unsure what to write and if you'd like it.
:) now I am glad my ostcard arrived safe and in time

best whishes from vienna & have a nice valentine's day