mardi, décembre 12, 2006


"Pardon me that my blog is jonggling between two cultures (France and Philippines) and a third culture being residence here in Britanny (Culture Breton)."

For this months Filipino food blog events No.16 will talk about PINOY HOLIDAY FOOD GIFTS
and this is hosted by Joji of ALA EH ( Ala eh! is an expression in one region (Batanggas City) near Manila...and i think can be compare to a french expression "Oh la la!")

LASANG PINOY which means PILIPINO TASTE (Gôuts des Filipinos ou Philippine) is a monthly event created by some talented Filipinos with an objective to promote Filipino foods culture and tradition!

Whenever i got time i enjoy participating with them too! I just love their logos!

Let us wait for the round up!

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