mercredi, mars 22, 2006

Alose au four mariné au "kaffir lime"

Voila the baked ALOSES.

With the rest of the fish i have cooked it Filipino style.
Marinate with garlic, onion, ginger and vinegar. Of course seasoned with salt and pepper.
Bring to boil and lower the heat and keep simmer for about
20 minutes.

When i bought these fishes i thought they were "Sardines".
I bought twelve of them, the sizes are quite big so i just made 8 pieces of them, which after cleaning them and head off, i marinated with the rind of two "kaffir lime" and crushed red pepper corn. I got the idea of putting red peppercorn when i had a lunch out with a friend. We have had a smoked salmon with grated cucumber and they sprinkled this with crushed peppercorn and salt . I have cooked this fish last Saturday. It was fun because when i visited Bea's blog of "La tartine gourmand" she have written articles about this peppercon.
This is the first time i have used this two ingredients, the flavor are good harmony with the garlic skin on about four pieces. Though too laborful with its fish bone the fish were really tasty serve with boiled potatoes. My husband and son says too much fish bones, i told them because they are big. Then later on i realized and remember a friend of mine serve me one time the fish calle alose and she told me they are good but too much fish bones. Aaaahh so then they were not sardines!

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Typical INgredients a dit…

Hi Relly,

Oh boy where did you get those kind a fish????

Sarap nyan for are so lucky wherever you are..inggit tuloy ako..sana kapit-bahay tayo!


mg a dit…

Paksiw! That's what it's called, isn't it? I had to think of this for at least 20 minutes... lol! I'm craving, i'm craving... Relly, i'm coming round for dinner add 1 place setting on your table - i'm on my way!

Papilles et Pupilles a dit…

Hi Relly, nice recipe !

In french Keffir lime = cumbava

schatzli a dit…

aloses di ba herring?

Jane a dit…

My dear Relly

What a nice recipe and such a good idea!

Have a good day


relly a dit…

Cj, sorry ang tawag sa french ay "sardines" which i thought it was. Sa atin is the tunsoy or tamban. But actually they were not the sardines it was "alose"
Mae oo nga, Paksiw i forgot! Puedeng e-mail and ice cream recipe and the ice cream as well? LOL
Thanks papille, never heard the work cumbava.. i have checked your blog. But now i know that red peppercorn are good with fishes.
Sha, i guess you are right the same family i have read the wikepedia about herring there are several types. But i didnt find the alose.
Merci Jane, t'a la chance au chaud.

bea at La Tartine Gourmande a dit…

Quel beau poisson!!!