vendredi, mars 17, 2006

Spinach,Feta cheese and dried tomato triangles

Epinard, fromage feta et tomates sèches en triangle de feuille de Filo.

Chopped Spinach, Feta cheese, dried tomatoes. Seasoned!
Hachis Epinard, Fromage Feta, Tomates Seches. Assaisonez!

Fold in triangles
Pliéz en triangles

6 commentaires:

mg a dit…

I love these... a friend cooked it once donks of years ago. I miss them. They're yummy.

mg a dit…

I'll send you some icecream if you send me these... deal? hehe.

ces a dit…

hi relly!
wow! i've been meaning to do this, but i don't know how..did you make the crust as well?

relly a dit…

Hi Mae, it is so easy, if you know how to make lumpia.. If i can have an ice cream maker .. i'll try some experimentation.
Hello ces, i have used Filo pastry, the rest of my pastry when i made baklava! Actually if i dont have filo.. i am using Spring roll wrapper!

mg a dit…

Relly, i didn't use an ice cream maker. I'll send you the recipe if you like. Email me.

schatzli a dit…

spanakopitta sa greek to relly