jeudi, mars 16, 2006


FLAMICHE - is simply a leek tart.
My question is the origin of this tart a Belgian or Normandy"French " recipe?

"Abaisser" french culinary term meaning simly "ROLL YOUR PASTRY " (smile)

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Theoretical Cook a dit…

Hmn... how does this taste like?
Care to share the recipe?

brigitte a dit…

j'ai la même feuille tupperware !!!!
I'm leaving for France (Provence) on monday. Won't blog for 3 weeks !
Take car et continue de bien cuisiner.

Typical INgredients a dit…

It seems too complicated for me because Leek as the main ingredients..Would it be possible to substitute leek or could it be like Spinach quiche?

It looks really delicious to me though!

Thanks for sharing...


relly a dit…

Cj, i'll send you the recipe by mail... don't think it is that complicated.. as soon as you know how to make tart.. you can do whatever fillings you would want to.
Salamat sa visit hah!
I'll be busy busy for my work now. But still try to post in blog. It is fun!

relly a dit…

Hello Theoretical cook i'll post the recipe soon, thanks for the visit ..