mardi, mars 14, 2006

Roast stuffed filet of porc

Serve with cracked wheat. "Bulghor"
This filet of porc i have stuffed with grounded turkey filet and prosciutto.

I am so glad to be able to tie this roast filet of porc exactly as a professional bucher.

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Typical INgredients a dit…

Looks really good!

Any leftover? Thanks for sharing...


bea at La tartine gourmande a dit…

Nice! Well done!!

relly a dit…

Hi cj's, thanks tin, i think i can be proud of it. It is less calorique than the usual french stuff.. "chair à saucisse" which is a mixture of grounded porc and veal with usually lots of fats. The middle picture was taken by son on a messy table..LOL.

Hello, bea.. merci de ta visite!
Wow flattered to have a chef cuisine to have in my lousy blog!
My husband and the children have love the meat but not really the side dish. I love bulghor or anything like couscous or taboulé.
They go along well with this roast porc.
The ANZAC soon..LOL

Chas Ravndal a dit…

it looks good as well. do you have a recipe for that ? is it similar to embutido ?

relly a dit…

hello chas, no it is not like embutido. more on morcon.. but i used porc filet and with simple stuffing.. it is light and tasty.
I'll explain more later.
Thanks again for visiting

mg a dit…

Looks yum. Is is easy to do?