jeudi, mars 16, 2006

Choix des plats cuisinés Philippine

Typiquement "fastfood PHILIPPINE" trouvé dans des centre commercial souvant appelé "FOOD CENTER". Various stand de multi sort des nourriture aux choix entre Hamburger ou
cuisine locale.

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ces a dit…

hi relly..
where is this? sorry i don't have french blood in me.i didnt' get what you wrote! lol!

relly a dit…

Hello Ces, sa Pinas he he! I think the food in "food center"have big variety of choices..Especially Pinoy stuff! They are yummmy!

Typical INgredients a dit…

Hi Relly,

Have you been to the Phils. lately? Kailan kayo nag-visit? Nakaka-missed talaga! I can't wait to visit the FOOD COURT again!

Thanks for sharing your photos...


mg a dit…

Mmmm all those food - Filipino food! I wish i was there. Now.